Thursday, November 03, 2005


God's really drawn me towards things of beauty today. This photo is a picture of my favorite flower. i know you are probably like, nice flower rach...they are everywhere down here! big deal...I don't know if it is because i grew up in ohio and we didn't have hibiscus up there, but ever since i was small, i've always been drawn towards this type of flower. i would try and sketch them even though i had never seen a real one in person. i wanted so bad to have one on my lap and recreate it in my sketch book. i could have easily bought a fake one and drawn it, but i knew it wouldn't be the real thing. i couldn't experience it's smell, or touched it's petals.
hibiscus reminds me that good things will blossom when it is their time to blossom. i would keep pictures of hibiscus or fake hibiscus flowers in my room. even in the dead of winter i could enjoy them knowing that when it was my turn to see the real thing, it would be the right timing. again, i would enjoy the substitute of the flower for that time being, but knew it wasn't anything like the real thing. i would either have to be in the south or in Hawaii to get the real experience of it. in other words i would have to wait for god to place me in those locations to see my flower. i would never want to force my favorite flower to grow in the freezing cold or to have to leave my responsibilities at home to gain my desire when i wanted it. i knew that i had to be patient for god to place me in those locations where i would enjoy that sight. god put it in my heart that this flower is the most unique and beautiful thing to me and He knows that if it means that much to me, i'll wait to see the real thing when He's ready for me to.