Saturday, November 19, 2005


What an incredible day...Ohio State won of course, that made it excellent. It was the first time in my life i didn't watch the game, i was stuck in my REESOL class from 8-4. It wasn't a bad day though. It started out hard, but the ended so well! I got back from school and then went up to Jax with Jen. We spend some much needed friend time. We always get into these super awesome deep talks that i don't think anyone in the world could have with another human being. She just really encouraged me and helped me break away from what the devil has been whispering in my ear. I am so blessed to have a friend like her. I know i say that kind of stuff all the time, but really. I AM! I think about where i was when i first got to St. Augustine and it freaking amazes me. I don't really think about it until Jen brings it up. It was a total god thing. the way things worked out, the way pieces fit and the timing. I just want to stand up and thank GOD that he brought me here. I guess why i am writing about this is because i'm asking god to help me out on my next big decision. Its been on my heart for a while now. I have been pondering on whether of not i should move up to Jax. Jen reminded me of something though...if i just let Him work, continue to pray about it, but really, let things fall as they may, whatever He wants me to do-WILL WORK OuT. So often do we ever just let God take over. Personally, i always try to control my situation or manipulate it into what i want. Tonight at Late Nite, i totally let it worries. he's placed in here in such a perfect way, i didn't force any of it when i moved here....
for those of you who get really stressed over what do to in situations, or with relationships, or even just get anxious..i just ask god to take it away....we don't need it! he can do anything, why would we think we can do it better than Him? He wants us to be happy...hand it over, not just your problems, but the big picture its not really yours anyway. let him do it...
anyways, i'm still praying for the interns in NYC...they are working miracles up there! from what John told me last, God's working in them so strongly! it is so incredible that He answers our prayers so easily. I haven't heard about what's been going on since probably wednesday, but i have faith that they are doing some awesome things! I can't wait til i get the chance to work in Him when Peru comes! keep praying for them and the people that they encounter.
oh yeah, random thought, i'm getting my passport on awesome is that!?