Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Living through faith

so a friend reccommended a book for me to read....THE FOURTH DIMENSION...he was extrememly pumped about the book, and my roommate who has read it as well LOVED IT. So i decided to read it so i was able to form my own opinion about it. Well, needless to say, i LOVE IT SO FAR! The first chapter talks about what Dr. Cho calls the "incubation period" and how our faith can develop. The first thing he asks you to do is to set a clear picture, a clear-cut objective. As followers of Christ, we cannot give God a vague picture of what we hope for in our life or for someone else. He suggests to write down the specifics of what you want from God. If you pray for God's blessing upon you or someone else, you may never recieve that blessing because God won't know which one you need. There are over 8,000 blessings in the bible. BE SPECIFIC! Next, we must have a burning desire. Pray for those specifics every day! Some of us pray for something, then walk out forgetting exactly what we prayed for! In Proverbs 10:24 it reads "the desire of the righteous shall be granted". Third, when you pray for something specifically with a burning desire, also pray for assurance...we need to pray and pray and pray for that thing until it is granted upon us. GOD WILL GIVE IT TO YOU on his terms though, his time line, not yours. Its not like pulling up to a drive thru and asking for a burger and may take time, it may happen tomorrow. If it is God's will for you, then it will be granted! Finally we must speak the word of God when asking for our desires. If the Bible says, or God tells you to do something, don't hesitate because you are uncomfortable with how YOU will do it, because ultimately its not you, its God. If God tells us to do it, we better do it. STEP outta the boat, and put it all on faith! We have these resources in us, now we just need to take those elements and make our faith usable!
I didn't even finish the chapter, and i was in Jen's room asking her to pray with me for our future decisions on where God would take us. I had specific things to pray about for her and she of me. As i was praying, i couldn't stop smiling! My heart was bursting! I KNEW GOD WOULD GRANT ALL THOSE THINGS! I didn't feel greedy because i was doing what God has always asked of me! FINALLY PUT ALL MY FAITH IN HIM! And it all started with being more specific...dang. I'm totally smiling right now...
don't worry i'll clue u in on every chapter..until then...
Psalms 37:4 "Delight thyself also in the Lord: and He shall grant thee the desires of thine heart"