Tuesday, March 07, 2006

being sneaky

After small group tonight and helping one of my dearest friends through a trial, i realized that god uses people to bring you closer to Him, but Satan does too. Having discernement is so crucial when it comes to trusting others. In the past I easily let people in to my fears, hopes, whatever. Thank goodness over this past season the burning in my heart (call from GOd) told me to refrain from opening myself too much. "Don't say more than you would tell someone you just met" even to my closest friends. That was God growing that thornbush around me, in hopes to guard my heart. He stopped me from going any further because he wanted to save those feelings for him to work through. And because i laid that before him, put it all down in his hands, those wounds and things that needed to be dealt with are healing. the people i strayed away from are now the people i enjoy talking to and sharing things with. Where i thought the devil used them to kill me, it was really God using them to take everything away, put me in that "desert" until i finally realized that i only could turn to Him. Now that i do go to God for everything, meditate on His word, and have positioned myself around people who hold me accountable i can be happy for them, have forgiven them, and see God working in them. I am so blessed to have that! So many women are wounded and stay wounded-which turns to bitterness and hatred. My mom always said, rachael, you have a heart that was made to love and see people in a different light. she was right, i totally see those people the way God made started when i finally saw myself the way God made me. now my only fear is that Satan will use someone to try and take God away from me. I know that i will continue to grow stronger in faith everyday, and God will release me of those thoughts when i find the right person, but for now i'm being protected. and that's so incredible. my Man is protecting me, and that's all i need right now. but i am aware of the battle that exists at all times, and how i have to be the strongest warrior princess in effort to proclaim my abundant LIFE He has to offer!
i have been praying and praying about that for my dear friend. her and i are so similar. she puts others b4 her, so easily to trust and open herself up...she just wants people to tell her they love her and will risk it all at any cost to get that affirmation. well, like we all have learned at some point in our lives that yes God uses people to help, but the devil uses them to distract you away from god. Satan totally used people she thought she could trust with anything to hurt her. but now, the deeper we get into things, i'm realizing and trying to have her see that God is taking it all away-all the people she is putting before Him. She's entering that desert...its unexplainable (is that a word?) on how incredible it is to see Him work in her like this. that's what i looked like! i just pray God gives me the words to speak life to her and the patience to listen when she needs it. i say patience because i know she won't understand it all now, but she will and when she does, man what a testimony to share to other girls who have gone through the same thing. GOD u are freaking awesome.
this small group has revealed so much...thank you so much god for all you do. i am forever yours.


Brittany said...

good stuff, rae.

Jon said...

As far as random people coming to your blog, I’d say I squarely qualify for “random.” I loved what you have to say on the subject of guarding your heart. I’m sure if you read my blog, you’ll find plenty to disagree with, but I believe I was moved to read what you said and reply myself. You wrote you fear satan will use someone to move you away from God. It could happen, but as with anything done in faith, you need to trust that you will never be given more then you can handle. I lived for a long time in fear of many things, from Harry Potter books to pop music. I also feared being judged by my fellow Christians.

Matthew 6 has a great lesson about this. To quote Jesus.
"And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life?
In my experience, once you know you have Jesus in your heart, it is pretty easy to tell when you are outside of his grace. Take a deep breath and remember that even he lived within the world among gamblers and thieves. They’re the one’s who most needed the message.