Friday, March 03, 2006

garth brooks

Everyone knows Garth Brook's old song, Unanswered Prayers....and i know that that isn't the word for them, but really tonight at the wedding i attended, i kept thinking back to what would have been my life...i am so blessed God got me out of the situation i was in, and opened my eyes, opened my ears, opened my mind to Him, even when i didn't want to hear it. man, the wedding was amazing...usually at weddings i'm like, dang, i wish i was getting married, or they are so lucky to have found each other...but not this wedding. I was so in awe over how much they loved each other. but not just that, i realized they could only truly love each other that much, because god was in the middle, he is so in their lives. god's in my life big time, but dang, i'm not ready for that. i'm not ready to share God yet. don't get me wrong, i want to get married, i don't think i am destined for a life of singleness, but man, when she was throwing that bouquet i high-taled it outta there into the back. i don't want pressure, or guilt or any distraction from how God's working in me. and when the time is right, man, it won't be pressure, guilt or distraction, it will be God's timing. but i want god to work in me, place that person in my heart, not something that feels forced or pressured. so thanks garth for making that song, because that's my attitude right now, PRAISE GOD i got a second chance, and that God's the one getting me through, AND REALIZING HE'S all i need..Lord, i just am so amazed you picked me, you want me to serve you, because that's what its all about. this season is all about what i can do for you. lord protect my heart and don't allow distractions or pressure. I want you to place things and people in my life that is your doing, not mine. and i know that when my time comes its because its on your clock, no one else's. thank you jesus for taking away all the hurtful wrong things in my life only to give me a pure and just life. i wish i could explain how thankful i am. i'm sure if people understood what you knew our walk together, then things wouldn't feel so uncomfortable. i pray that you help others understand that. there were just too many comments about things towards me that people acted like they knew what i wanted or was thinking. i know they were just doing this for my best interest, and its ok they have no idea. lord, just protect're all i need.