Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So, I was told to wait at least 2 months after i returned from Peru before I made any drastic decisions in my life. I let one month pass before i started considering anything about returning to Peru. I have had that country on my heart since we left and i haven't been able to stop praying about it. I feel drawn to that country-like there is something about it where i feel so at home about. i loved the people, they were so quick to help or assist. I think its because my love language is acts of service, that i felt so loved there. they help at the drop of a hat.....well anyways, after praying and praying and crying and crying...hehe....i decided to give it to God and He told me to go back. I argued with him for a while saying dude, there's no way i can financially....i just bought a condo, bills are bills, and i need time to save up....well there are 12 weeks from departure, and i have tested god about my finances. the bible says we should do that about our finances. i asked god to start showing off. 1,800 bucks is quite expensive, and i don't make that much money, so God you're gonna have to give it to me. the trip is july 14-2something-and i'm all about it. i went to the meeting on monday and was really excited. Ruthie decided to jump on board, which is awesome. i'm hoping we can get a few more Late NIters to come. we only have around 10 people so far. so, i'm writing this in hopes you can agree with me that God will totally provide for me financially on this trip. He's going to help me save as well, and get my finances in order, but really, he's gonna provide. so there it is god, all you baby, show your shizzzzzzz.