Saturday, February 23, 2008

Knowing it ALL

Pastor Kerri created an amazing post on her blog the other day on Matthew 6:33. She basically was saying that God is simple...He uses simple words, but walking His words are harder than we think. If we ever get to a point where we don't think the sermons are filling us, or they are too simple, then we shouldn't immediately seek another church, but that we might want to check our hearts. I totally agree. When i responded to her post, I had written that Jesus is like a teacher, we read his simple words, but whenever we have a question, we just ask Him. "What does it mean to be humble Lord? Show me. How do i forgive this person Lord? Show me." And i wait for Him to show me. I know and believe He's the greatest teacher....
Teacher huh...? Teacher. I'm a teacher. I'm expected to know every answer. If i don't have the answer a student may ask about, then sometimes i tell them I'll look it up (when i'm in a humble mood) but most of the time, I just tell them what i think....honestly. Now these questions aren't life-changing....but they are questions they think about. Her post made me realize something. Am I the greatest teacher? Do I know everything?
I'm not above anything or anyone or anything. If i don't have an answer, I don't have the answer. If I am asked something I don't know-I can just say, "I have no idea".
God so knows it all. We drown out his voice trying to figure it all out. We drown out the answer when we think the message or the word is something we've mastered-and we start seeking somewhere else....
Rest assured if your church is not Bible based, there has been some "man's complex thinking" added. If you know your church is grounded and led by the spirit-maybe the "rut" isn't your church. It's not the study you are doing or the messages you are hearing....Maybe it's God asking you to check your heart.
God put me in a season where i thought nothing could answer the questions to my problems. the messages weren't for me, people couldn't understand me-
the truth? i wasn't following His simple commandments. IDLE? Yes, my issues were my own idle. My problems were more important than saving lives!
Praise God for my church. That's all they focus on!!! This life is but a vapor. We have only so much time to spread the good news. This life isn't about how deep we can go with God. Like my pastor says, "you want a deep message? love your neighbor". HA! I LOVE IT!!!!


sammie said...

Rach, I'm back from refuel/retreat, I almost, did not go I almost allowed school to be the most important. Paige Chloe and I were fighting all day, when I got there my tire went flat it was so crazy, then we drove to this retreat in the hills of southern Ohio. They spoke on Living, Showing, & Going. I'm changed again, Paige said mom can we do this every two weeks. We did another prayer vigil where we set up the stations through out the main house from different scriptures in the bible, the turned off the lights lite the candles and let them touch God. One of the stations had a notebook where they could write what is happening in there lives and let people know so they could be prayed for then they tear out the page and close pin it on a close line. We had 50 kids, the notes made me cry so much pain in those young lives. Rach they stayed there "on there own will" for 3 hours, 3 hours it was magnificant.

sammie said...

Check out the pic on my blog. Its the group that went to camp this weekend.