Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Let's Lift Up The Prayers!

Yesterday was just an all around great day. School was smooth, my class was so sweet and well behaved. It was a great time to reflect on how much they've grown! My non-speakers now can't stop talking (in English)and my emerging speakers are going the second mile to help the ones around them....Work, needless to say, has been great...
So after work, I wanted to go to the grocery store, plan a week of great meals for my husband (who is trying to eat healthier and save money by not eating out every night). So i walk into Publix and it starts to biggie right? HA! About 40 minutes later, just as I swipe my credit card, a torential downpour hits! It's ok, I brought my umbrella! So i run to my car as all the groceries get soaked and the back of my shorts become damp from the rain sliding off the umbrella (what was the point of the umbrella again?). I throw everything (including my purse with the keys) in the trunk! Thank goodness for that umbrella!
Why am I telling you this? Oh yeah...
So after calling Gary from Publix's phone, I was given some wait time to really think about my surroundings...I never really pondered on "OH why God, how could you let this happen?" sort of thing, but really had a long time of peace to sit outside in the rain and watch His people. This Publix is near my school, so I saw many of my kids walk in with their parents. I saw some people on their phones arguing with someone on the other end of the conversation. I heard someone talking about losing their job...another walk out with a brand new baby.
Good and bad things happen all the time. I know I could have sat there and prayed for their circumstances to change or whatever, but I couldn't get away from the beauty of His people, just them. Everyone of them so different, but all connected. All I could do was thank God for His creation. Just thank Him for the contentment He's given me in all that I am, have and do.
Met up with an old friend later that night. I listened to her story and found out that she's got it pretty bad. Might lose her job, going broke, but still staying strong, telling herself everyday that God's got it. Circumstances, man, she wasn't focused on them.
Last week I posted a song by Jars of Clay called "World's Apart". Each day, I sing the words for God to take my world apart, speak the words I can't deny, serve the ones that I despise...It pierces my heart each time i say them, but I mean it more each day, and I see God working, I see Him using my situation, my blessings, to take me out of my comfort only to see how far I'll stretch.
So, today, I'm not just going to pray necessarily for situations to change for people, but that their eyes stay focused on Him. That we all can rejoice that He's given us opportunities to grow and be stretched in our faith in Him, love for others, and hope that can move those mountains we always read make it real. I saw God respond to Josh and Becca's faith, not their need. Let's continue in that flow.


sammie said...

My pastor just adobted a little africian boy. He was talking about being sleep deprived and having no creativity but that adobting an at risk child showed him how God adobted him, an at risk child. And how the whole thing had delivered him to another plain in life.