Thursday, February 26, 2009

Phasing out

I am 6 days away from my due date...I went to the doctor for my 39 week apt. yesterday and he told me I was still 1 centimeter and 60% effaced. I hear that is good for a week away...but I was hoping to be a little further along (centimeter wise). This is Gary's child-you think she would be waving and kicking to get out, right? Well, after the apt. I was kind of bummed. I just feel like she's been in there forever-and I just want to meet her!
The days of your last week of pregnancy seem to go by so slow. Work has been real slow due to the fact that I've been phased out. I'm in a co-teach situation, and for so long I was the source of everything for the kids (my co-teacher just returned from maternity leave). She's been slowly phasing herself in, and now it's my turn to phase out. Which leaves me sitting behind my desk only to stare at the dates on my desk calendar. I have managed to highlight any tiny activity i can for the last 3 weeks. FCAT is approaching, so we've been giving a lot of practice tests to help them gain some endurance for the test-so that's been really boring.
But I guess there is a good thing about phasing out of the whole job scene-I get to phase in full throttle into the mommy scene! I've been so anxious to get started...everything is ready for her. I find myself cleaning things that don't need cleaned, arranging things that have already been arranged 6 times, and checking my hospital bag every night just to make sure i haven't forgotten anything. If this doesn't build patience, I don't know what does.
So here's to phasing out of one season in my life only to jump into another! I'm ready to dive in head first! You hear that baby Abbey!!!


Lori said...

What an exciting time for you Rachel! I know this last bit seems to take forever ... but it will be WAY worth every moment that you've waited! Excited for you!