Saturday, April 04, 2009

help me Lord

Well, I've offically been a mommy for over a month. I can't describe how different my life is. I'm constantly needed 24/7. I thought being a wife was challenging-motherhood is was more. I'm just getting a taste of how God cherishes me now. I have a long way to actually "get it"...but He gives me tastes. We went to Colorado when she was almost 3 weeks....needless to say, I was a nervous wreck. The plane ride-to nursing in public (covered of course)-to letting a zillion family members handle her...i think I aged about 5 years. But I realized in it all, that she's not mine-God's watching over her, ready for her to live out His plan for her life....My worrying does nothing-doesn't make the situation better-just brings more tension in my life. She's so perfect, healthy and strong. I can't believe that God would entrust me with can you imagine how Mary felt having to care for Jesus? That's how i picture caring for Abbey, that she has just as an important purpose to walk out. She's already brought so much joy to people's lives-my nervousness will only hinder that. Lord, please bring me closer to you-when I'm there I feel your peace-when I'm there, I know my family is cared me control these overpowering emotions that aren't fully developed yet...just like you made Abbey perfect-you've also given me everything I need to be a good mom and wife-help me walk in that truth Lord.


Susan Rodgers said...

Hi Rachael! Congratulations to you and Gary on baby Abbey. Won't be long and she'll be a year old already! I hope you are enjoying mommyhood. From the sound of this post, you have a great perspective about it. Blessings to you guys!