Thursday, September 29, 2005


So during planning, i finished a few books i've been putting off...i like to start 2 or three at once. I finished WILD AT HEART by John Elderidge. What a great book...I never understood men, and I was told by reading this book, i would finally get what a REAL guy is about. J. Elderidge and his wife also wrote the book Captivating which is a book all about women and our place with God. Celebration is having a night called SOAR just for men. I think its great bc it gives men a chance to be men! NOT fake or whatever like most men are. So guys, be crazy, untamed and wild! A woman (well this woman) wants to see guys be guys! Men are our protectors women! Let them be strong and real, dont' make them walk on egg shells around you! I know i don't want a fake guy.
I also finished a book by Josh Harris...i know i know many people read it like 50 years ago (not really more like 5) but anyways, its called I Kissed Dating was an interesting perspective on dating that's for sure :) I like the fact that he believes in 4 levels of knowing someone aquaintances, friends, courting, and marriage. It makes sense. Why "date" someone you don't know? Most marriages (that are successful) are based upon friendships. Why would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who you don't consider the best of friend? Patience is attractive, and i felt refreshed and normal after reading that book. I also realized how many mistakes I have made! LOL. Anyways, the book does suggest living life and loving people the way God does, and you truly don't respect or love someone as a brother or sister of God if you rush them into dating, or allow them to rush you into it. God wants it NATURAL, right? Man this blog thing is so way better than my journal.