Saturday, October 01, 2005


Well folks, Rachael is FINALLY taking the plunge...FINALLY being the key word. I'm def going to Peru. My family is hesitant (mom and dad) but my aunt and uncle are totally into it, helping me out financially. I can't believe how unreal i feel about it. I've been doodling "Peru" all over my papers all day. I had a reading endorsement class today for 8 hours. I think i wrote Peru a million times. I just wanted to take time to thank God for what he has provided in my life and what he will provide for in the future. I can't explain how wonderful it feels to trust that he has a plan for me and wants to provide me with my deepest desires. For so long i have wanted to participate in a mission. I always let people tell me what to do, and was talked out of it, or swayed the opposite direction. I've got the strength now baby, so watch out. Its so funny bc i feel like i can blog anything and no one will read it b/c no one knows about my blog page, so i might as well just say what's going on in my mind....maybe not. its driving me crazy though....until next time


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