Friday, October 07, 2005

Families are amazing

I'm sitting at my parents' house at 10:39 at night thinking how rad it is that my parents love eachother more than when I was growing up. My dad tries to give me insight on love and relationships when i'm home (and don't get me wrong, he's GOOD). He said that love matures and if it doesn't then you should worry. My dad thinks i am awesome in my live choices and accomplishments since January...isn't it great how i can go home and have big pops say how proud he is of me? SCORE! I haven't had that from him since I was spiking leather white balls in opponents faces. I'm not saying i solely depend on my father's approval, its just nice. Anyways, I think my parents have become closer because of my mom's willingness to open herself up to her faith and build a stronger relationship with God. Well, my dad being the best husband in the world does help too. I don't get anxious going home like i used to. they are so happy with who they are. my mom is so independent yet still wants my dad to be the leader. she WANTS to follow him. I think that was the main problem when i was younger. she wanted him to be the spiritual leader. he was always recruiting around the country half the year, and then coaching for the other half. she raised us. he was there to discipline us. good cop bad cop. things were so confusing. but now, they have been such great role models for my brother and I. its actually brought CJ and I closer. i can't wait to see him over thanksgiving. I'm going to include our fam pic from ohio this summer. my family is awesome. i think my aunt is going to be ok too. the doctors still aren't 100% sure, but i just have this feeling she'll be ok. 0