Monday, October 24, 2005


let me just tell you something, prayer does everything! god has totally blessed me....everytime i think the devil has total power, god swoops in! my computer was broken, my parents and i were not on good terms, and my financial situation is not very strong, BUT i fasted and prayed and prayed for his help, and 2 of the three are totally great now! My friend john came down and helped me get my computer situation solved, which was totally dad called yesterday and we worked our differences out, AND dad called me today and left me an awesome message on my voicemail (call my voicemail and you will understand) and all i can say is that i love GOD AND LIFE! I LOVE THIS WEATHER, i love my house and roommates, i love my church, i love my friends....and i'm just toally blessed. I feel like i've grown so much...jen keeps telling me that i've grown, but i never saw it before like i do now. i was really in the dumps this weekend, but i still continued to pray and surrounded myself with loving faithful people. its all about positioning yourself where your gifts can be used to the greatest capacity. i'm so happy, this is incredible. those of you who read this ( the few of you :) please, just when you think your life sucks, just let go, its not your job to control it. there is something greater than you...really, who will listen and help, that's what He loves to do. He's trying to reach for you.