Saturday, October 08, 2005


So yeah, I had the best time at late nite...See why I came home? Well, if u were there, you would understand. So yeah, KENDY, I'm so glad she came with us. She's totally hooked. What a pure, beautiful heart she has. I look at her and her struggles and see myself, which is awesome because God has answered my prayers...I say this because I pray daily for him to keep me honest with myself and know that just because I have fewer struggles now, doesn't mean I never had them. I know it sounds so juvenile...Anyways, so I had the best experience tonight, oh yeah JENNY is coming to Peru with me! Her boss was totally in for her coming! How blessed are we that he does answer our prayers! I know God put me here to share my compassion for people, and love I have to give to others. I know that my duties for him, to serve him are through serving others. Peru is going to be such an experience for me. People who need constant service, help, guidance, or just need someone there. I love being used in that way. I had a dream last night, it was so incredible...I was retired from teaching (28 years from now) and I was offered that chance to be a missionary. Now for those of you who don't know me...Before I gave myself completely over to the Lord, once I was retired, that was it, I was never working again. Now, its like, man, God wants people to work, its good for our hearts and bodies, and that is our purpose here, to work for Him. Every person that goes to a job can look at their work as being work for god. I forget the verse...Let me look, hold on Gen 2:15, god put Adam in the garden to work, reason people hate to go to work so much is because of the sin that was committed in the garden. Sin is all around us, it controls our thoughts for most of us. But initially, Adam liked to work, he didn't know different. In Eph 6:5-8 we work to glorify God..That's all our main purpose is to turn everything over to him. Are u taking all your riches and THINGS to heaven? I know I can't! I'm going to give to him all I have now! When Paul went to Athens he told everyone there (people who never worked, well the higher up people) that work was good! We all must do work for god. I know I kinda went on a tangent there, but it was kinda what we talked about tonight at Late NIte...How do we make an Epic of our lives? We turn our lives over to god, he's our big picture. Our lives are meaningless unless they are fully working for God. I struggle with this everyday. I know he's given me so many gifts and I waste them! I want to create something with my gifts to give people, to glorify his word. I have to start in my classroom. There are so many things I used to think up while in college to do with my kids. So many things. Where did they go? I got lazy. Teaching from a book was the type of teacher I never wanted to be. I see people at celebration who work with kids and they inspire me. They have a hunger to reach those children. I have the same opportunity, I just needed to sharpen my ax, I needed to take the time to sharpen my skills baby, bc I have skills. I thought my problem was patience for my children, but no! Its me...I need to take the time and make my job something great. I have to look at it as training for life...So much time is wasted. One minute of boring school is one less minute of fun, engaging, integrated learning I could be creating for those kids! Well, I'm done now, I've got to go to early service tomorrow b/c I have my guest services orientation....Pretty excited about that. And I like to pop my head in for kids quake to see what's going on in there. Plus wakeboarding baby, its all about Sunday wakeboarding....