Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Me and God

I started rereading Captivating while i was working out this morning. Its funny how you miss things the first time around. I think God led me towards that particular book for a reason. I think he wants me to read it every day actually. I constantly need to be reminded that woman are special (me in particular) because we are made through by his vision. We are an image of him. Its so true. Its ok that our lives revolve around our relationships with people, look at God! Its ok that we are needy at times and want to help and cure problems, look at God! We get it from our father! It is our purpose women to be the way we are sometimes, to have those feelings we can't explain. THe only explaination we need is that we get it from God and that's is how he intended us to be! We want to be safe and protected, its ok to have that as a deep desire. The example i use that i long for is finding a protector like Lloyd Dobbler in Say Anything. He didn't have to beat anyone up to show he protected her. He just popped in to see if she was ok. Or she would catch him looking at her from afar. Knowing that someone would do that for me is a desire i long for. I keep praying for patience with myself in all aspects of my life. I know that god has someone out there for me who will be the man i've always longed for without having to "change him" like so many women try and do. We are the way we are for a reason, and understanding his word has helped me so much in this struggle. So all you Lloyds out there, keep watching over the woman you desire from afar. She probably knows u are doing it, and its drawing her near.