Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday, Monday

WHAT A GREAT DAY! Starting a new quarter is always a great thing. I rearranged my classroom into groups instead of rows. The kids are so happy. I let them even pick where they sit! I have never had such good behavior. I introduced our creative centers (math and writing) and they are so pumped! I can't get over how smooth my Monday went! My kids are also attempting the CS Lewis state-wide writing contest where they have to read the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to answer the essay contest. I have 5 kids who have finished the book already! They are so motivated! I love it! This is the quarter that is so important that they focus because after Christmas its a huge last minute prep time for FCAT. Just thinking about what's ahead makes me think that time goes by so fast! It's so true that when you do things for God, he helps and assists in what you need to do! I went after these centers in my class with the mind set of doing them the way he would (helping the lost, hurt and next generation). WHen i approached them as struggling, needy, children who will be taking over one made a huge difference in my patience. I want them to get it right! I want them to become independent learners as well. Not only do i want to teach them, i want to mainly be their guide, their model. during conferences, so many mothers said that their children come home and "play school" and they say they are "Miss Rachael". It was like a brick hitting me over the head. They soak up everything I do and everything i say, and my behavior, EVERYTHING. I don't want them to be frustrated, annoyed, stressed out kids! I want them to be motivated, helpful, encouraging, patient learners! That means i have to have all those qualities all the time. Day 1 went so well, lets see if i can hold it for the week! I need my close friends to encouage me, keep me positive, and kick me in the butt if i start belly achin'. So you know who u are if u read this....keep me accountable! God, please give me the strength to get through this week without my typical negative outlook....I know I have school or training every night this week, and i know i'm going to be missing things i really want to go to...but, i know that i'm needed for my job so i can serve better for what god wants me to do (and he's showing me what he wants me to focus on by my kids' reactions). please help me have patience during my 3 hour long classes this week! Don't let me get discouraged bc i'm not where i want to really be (at church) :)