Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Language?

I want to learn sign language. It hit me at Open House/Parent-Teacher Conferences. I have a little girl in my class who just talks and talks and talks. When she introduced me to her mother. She introduced her to me by signing. Every day I'm constantly telling her to simmer down..she's always chatting it up. Well now i know, she talks with her hands the rest of the day. She doesn't have anyone at home to gab with unless she's signing to her mom. When i watched her communicate that way, it was so peaceful. The more you read about me, the more you will learn that if things are at peace, I'm so happy. Its the best feeling ever. struggle, no hastle. When i let God take over, i'm at peace. Its like Shana, she lets her hands take over, and can still have a deep conversation with her mother. Its like they are in their own world. When i pray, I'm in my own world, and God's the only one there. I want to learn to sign ( I know the alphabet, but that's about it, oh yeah, i can say 'I like black people' thanks to Tina, one of Jen's highschool kids) Tina took a sign language class, so i think i'm going to have her teach me. When i'm in Peru, I won't be able to communicate with people through my language, and i want to get used to it now. I do want to learn a little spanish as well. Annie agreed to help in that area. WOW i'm blessed. Whenever i need something or someone, I always have a never ending list of resources! Praise God! Anyways, I want to thank god for giving me the chance to see one of my babies (students) take on such a role in my life! I've seen her in a different light, and have grown a respect for her in that aspect of her life. Oh yeah, thanks for the weight lifted off me yesterday too always have perfect timing...