Thursday, October 13, 2005


Yeah so i'm really learning not to stress out about things. (yeah i like green) I was really concerned about some issues going on in my life, like making sure I got my work done for school, fitting in friends into my schedule, being an effective teacher, and tutor, and making enough time for me and GOd. Jen pointed something out to me yesterday, and i think it settled in today. She was telling me how much she envied the fact that i'm so disciplined. "You work out every morning, have your quiet time every day, read 3 books at once, tutor, grade and still have time to BLOG". I don't know what it is Jen, but i think God has made one of my gifts time management. When i know i have to get something done, (lately) I've made it known to God what i have to do, and ask for him to help me get through it. When i do that, i don't seem to sweat the small stuff. Sure i get anxious if what i'm doing is effective, but when i really sit down and pray about it, God will make it how i want (bc my effort is 100%). What i'm explaining now, was kind of a mini lesson i had today in class. I almost didn't want to leave school today, i usually can't wait until 4! Its just the things i've been worrying about, stressing over, whatever have been going so well. Class last night was timely, but i learned a lot. I used what i learned last night in how i presented my math lesson today. I felt like such a good teacher! I got all the early homework graded and entered in the gradebook. I'm going to hang with Annie tonight to watch the Traveling Pants movie, and tomorrow we're going to hang too. I was stressed that I've been spending too much time around Celebration (she goes to Good News and won't come to Celebration with me :( ) She's such a good friend, and i feel like i've been putting her second to everything. Well, today we made plans to hang, and now its all gravy baby. I think we are going to work on some class stuff tomorrow night. ya know just chill and have a girls night. her man is working, so it works out great. then we have class ALL DAY on saturday....grrrrr 8 hours of reading endorsement. yeah, super, i'm so excited. we sit in the back and crack jokes. our teacher has us do assignments that we should give our kids, like making posters and projects, and all the old teachers think we are so cool. annie and i are pretty creative artists, so we always get them to laugh. tomorrow i have a writing workshop during school , and i'm really going to miss my kids :( I know that they will be fine though. They worked so hard today. I just want to thank god with all i am and all i have. he's been so gracious to me this week. i was so scared i wouldn't make it with my super busy agenda, BUT I'M STILL ALIVE! I SURVIVED! LOL. The thing is (i know u prob think its no big deal and i'm crazy or whatever) but i got through it, and did it the right way, i didn't get lazy, i didn't teach lazy, i worked hard and wasn't afraid to fail. I've got God on my side, and i came out winning. LIKE ALWAYS! Why do i get so weirded out by thinking i may not be ok? Man, no crazy talk anymore.