Wednesday, October 12, 2005


How was my Wednesday without going to church? You're thinking i didn't have a good day? It was an awesome day! Class was actually engaging, my reESOL class that is. I'm not looking forward to the 8am-4pm class on Saturday, but i can't worry about that now, can I? Well, anyways, I prayed to God today to help me stay positive, and I laughed all day. My class (kids) have all entered a Halloween writing contest in the county. I told them that they would have the opportunity to be published authors if they won (spot for their story in the Flagler Times). I also told them about me being published at their age as well. That really got them! I was printed up in Sports Illustrated for Kids when i was their age, possibly 12, not 10 y.o. Now they want me to dig up the magazine so they can see my pic and my "debate" on unprofessionalism of pro athletes. Yes, i was battling that back then, i hate knowing that those players have only become worse. whoa, way off topic here, but back to today. I just want to thank God for listening to my prayers this week. I did miss worshiping Him tonight, but that just means i'll have even more to give him on Saturday (if that's possible). Oh yeah, are there any takers out there who want to grade all my papers this weekend? Ha. I wish.
p.s. late nite after party's date was announced! Nov 5 baby, be there.