Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Being Thankful

Have you ever thought about what you were thankful for? This holiday season always causes me to reflect on my blessings. I obviously am thankful for everything God has placed in my life, but what is really hitting hard on my heart is the strength He's given me. Every morning I thank God for his persistance with me. I am thankful for this strength because it has brought so many positive things in my life like, genuine friends, loving a family, and an undying faith.
This strength that the Lord has placed upom me has brought these wonderful, genuine friends into my life. Because God has made me stronger in this area, i have been able to experience and observe pure, loving relationships. I know now to to worry about people to the point where it pushes me away from them. I have asked the Lord several times to take care of it, where as before I would try and fix it. It even can be included on how i run my classroom. Last year i would literally lose sleep because i was worried about my kids. I know now that if i'm doing all i can, and i pray for each child that God will handle it. I guess the strength here is God allowing me to let him do the dirty work. I am not ready (and the Lord has really shown me) to confront my past relationships with friends and people(family) that are in my life. I know i'm not ready to sit and listen to them if they want to talk to me. I know that God is still preparing me when the time is right. Until then, again, He's giving me the strength to continue to pray, love, and see that one day it will be settled.
The Lord has given me the strength and wisdom to see how blessed i am to have such a loving and caring family. Yeah, i know you are like, Rachael, everyone can say that. BUt really, i had a hard time seeing it before. I had a scued views on my family. Prayer has definately helped. It has turned my confusion about what has been going on with us, into love and patience for God to heal everyone. Sometimes is just takes me to sit and write about everything I love about them. It really makes me realize that those little things that they do or have done, don't matter in GOd's eyes, just like my sins are forgiven.
How awesome is my love for GOd!? Just when God lets the Devil tempt me or bring me down, He does something or shows me a "sign" that lets me know he hasn't forgotten about me. I have never had such a strength to do anything for anyone, especially for myself. I realized that i wasn't made that way because everything i do is for God. Because i've never lived like that fully, its been a struggle, but again, thank you God for giving me the strength!
I'm headed to Tampa after school today, and am very excited. I pray that God gives me the perfect words to say to my brother and family. I also pray for the patience to listen and observe my loved ones. I know to show love I don't always have to say anything. This is going to be a huge trial, so please pray for me. Please Lord, watch over me as i travel, and for my loved ones that are too traveling long distances to see family. Please watch over my kids too over this holiday...some have broken families and the holidays are a hard time. I'll be back on Friday for the R.E.A.C.H project. I'll be served to all holiday, so serving others will be great! I'll be ready to get my serve on!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael,

Just a quick note to congratulate you for graduating in 2004, (I'm the person who checks the online updates and transfers that information into our alumni database), and to tell you that I read your blog. I just wanted you to know that you are a gift from God to the Kingdom and if you let His light shine through you half as much in person as you do in
your writing, you will win many over to Jesus! You are overflowing with gifts yourself, young lady, and my prayer is that you will continue to love life and share your love with as much exuberance as you do now. God has indeed blessed you with a great wisdom, the wisdom of knowing what is important in life. Continue sharing that with others and be Blessed!

Karen Duvall
Alumni Coordinator
Saint Leo University