Friday, November 11, 2005

Early in the morning...(no this is not a sublime intro)

It is offically Friday and I'm up late! I really just can't sleep.....i had a great time at my bible study...It was so refreshing to share feelings i have after i read Captivating. Women are amazing people...don't get me wrong i'm not all about girls ruling and boys drooling or anything like that. i look at men as strong leaders of a household and have a good understanding the role of a male and female, but man, we are so cool. I'm so glad i'm a girl. i wish i could explain what this book has brought out in me. right when i got home, i busted out my watercolors and started to work. brittany put on a movie (she fell asleep) and i painted away. i had a great time doing it too...anyways...i had a great day, and had a blast at Jen's house for the bible study. it was funny because i was planning on going over there with Jen H and she called and wasn't feeling good (pray for her, she's getting the bug). she called right as i was leaving st. aug, and totally could have turned around. i was in warm-ups and a teeshirt thinking its just going to be girls, and jen said people wear their pjs there. well when she called she said jenny b (yes there are a lot of jens at celebration, now that i think of it) is coming to videotape the small group and interview some people. i was like, what? just hide me in the corner and i'll be fine. so i got there and was so scared to go in because i was thinking i wouldn't know anyone. well i prayed for god to give me the guts to do it and i walked right in and was totally fine! the girl's apt, jen, she was great, so friendly and warm. she's a teacher too, well anyways...., Jenny B and her fiance and john came over to do the video thang. john was being so funny, i hope it turns out nice...AND THEN....jenny b. had to pick me to do the interview...super. well, i hope they don't use my answers, i was so nervous. i went to the bathroom when i was done, and my neck was all red, that happens when i'm gets all blotchy...yes i have owned my dorkiness...thanks. well, cross your fingers they don't use it...:) i just wanted to rub in to all ya'll that have to work tomorrow...i don't, so i'm going to sleep in and take my time all day...jen's housesitting on the beach so i'm def going to be parked there infront of a big screen watching REUNION, which i missed tonight. anyways, i better get some rest..nite