Friday, November 11, 2005

what a great day off

Today was a great day. I finished the roadtrip cd i'm giving to a friend for when they go on their mission trip to NY. I know i made it for them, but i want them to know how much of a therapy is was for me. honestly it was like my first day back to basketball after a 5 month recovery time off from knee surgery. it felt so good to make something. my roommates are going to be getting homemade presents this year fro xmas. i'm thinking about learning how to make fun desserts too. I love my job, it allows me to have time off to do things for others. i'm not sure if i mentions this or now, but november is my favorite month next to may. i guess may is the spring's november to me. there's just something about the mood in november....did you know that when the trees are red and orange its their natural color? people think its because the leaves are dying (and yes i know they eventually will), but really its the leaf in its most natural state. the smell of the outside is even my favorite smell. do you think yankee candle will recreate the november smell for me? i'd buy it.
my roommate got her hair cut today and she looks so beautiful. it was so great to see her smiling after coming home from getting it cut. she even walked with a spring in her step. i hope she looked at herself in the mirror all night because her hair looked SO GOOD. boys don't realize this (even if they think know understand they don't) but hair is so important to us girls.anyways, i'm so glad she's happy about it, she usually isn't. ROOMIE U ARE B-E-A-utiful! well i'm beat, i had a long hard day of doing nothing that involved my job....
quick question: if you were taking a class that required you to be at every meeting time, and your grandmother was having her first art show, would you skip it? i really want to skip class but i'm afraid it will bite me in the butt....but then i think, its my grandma...she's having an art show...her first one at like 84. well her first real one...she would have people over and she would sell paintings, but not like people outside of her community or family. so i think i'm going to skip class...well, i'll pray about it and let you know what i end up doing. nite