Friday, December 23, 2005


I have never been so at peace with my life....I've been doing a lot of observing and listening this week. I'm not just talking aobut observing others, but relfecting on myself as well...Look at my family...i love them! even my brother...and his wonderful girlfriend...chelsea I learned (well was reminded) that the plans God has for us were made even before the world began....He's known...and I have faith that we will be taken care of. God you have just brought this family closer than ever. if we were any closer, my dad would be pulling over the van and prying me off my brother in a wrestling fight on the way to grandma's house! each day CJ opens a little more, and a good friend told me that i'm not going to be the one to reach him....and i'm ok with that. I just have to continue to pray about it, and love on him, and you all know i'm a good lover...i am so good at loving him, if i do say so myself. he may be my younger brother, but i look up to him in so many ways. i learn from him! i've alway sbeen drawn closer to the men in my life, i don't know why, maybe because i feel like they can protect me the best...i need to feel safe, but my brother and my father, over the past year have really filled those shoes. i'm just so blessed god, i know i don't diserve this and i know your plan for me calls me to do great things and this is just all a preparation...but please use me to do your will (even if it is to just show by example). help me to continue to love on my family. i do have a tendency to lok at what mistakes we've made instead of looking ahead, but i know you will help me see past those things and look at the gifts you've given us. everything that has happened, all the good is because of want to bring us joy! and for that i'm forever greatful..thanks god!


Brittany said...

Nice gator pants, lady!