Thursday, December 01, 2005

stressed much?

Today, was a trying day.....its so funny how i don't realize that change or an alter in schedule really throws me off (and i don't like it). Today at school, my team teacher, my lovely buddy, my home girl totally threw me outta wack....I was initially angry, but then after talking it out with her, just realized i was more hurt. my class and her class are like night and day. i have about 5 wacked out boys and she has about 18 angelic girls.....that really makes for class personality differences. i love my babies though, and it hurts when she says she rather not team up with my class anymore. well, people, in case you didn't know are not made to sit in their chairs quietly, walk in straight lines, or never laugh and not have fun....after battling time, changing schedules, and surviving centers the only thing i could do at 3:00 was fall in my chair. i have three beautiful angels come in and help me after school and they really helped. i love them! they just look up at me and are like, "i love you miss yockey, let me help! i love you miss yockey, you are my favorite teacher! i love you miss yockey you are so awesome"....GOd thanks for giving me a bundle of 3 joys that always save my day...the ride home with annie always helps too...i really mean it, i dont know what i would do without them!