Wednesday, January 18, 2006

FCAT does bring something positive!

SO we have been practicing essays for FCAT. I had the class write (in 45 minutes) about their HERO and 3 reasons why. This is from Tristan, who is on my prayer team for Peru. This essay melts my heart....

Do you have a hero? What's their name? Are they famous? My hero is Jesus. I love Him, He's the best! My hero is Jesus because He is honest, loveing and does the right thing.
Jesus is honest because he never sinned. He also doesn't want us to lie because it is not the right thing to do. Once my mom told me to clean my room and I didn't. Then she asked me f i cleaned up and I could have lied. But, I told the truth. SHe didn't yell at me, she just told me to clean up and that's why you shouldn't lie.
Jesus is a hero because he's so loving. He loves us because if he didn't, He wouldn't have died for us on the cross. SO, don't do anything bad! He's watching! He loves us no matter what though. Jesus wants the best out of you. WHen I went to church and I was praising and worshiping Him and I could here him say, "I'm proud of you". He is proud of all of us, all the time when we serve and love Him.
Jesus models a good hero because he shows us how to do the right things all the time. He wants us to make the right decisions, do the right things in school, and help one another. Once at church I didn't wan to give my tithe but i did, so i made the right decision. You should make the right decision too. Jesus is a very good hero. You should go to chruch and learn about Him. We should all want to be like Jesus.

WOW....all i have to say is if we all modeled for children what Tristan was explaining, the world would be want to be good, but they behave by what they see. maybe today we could model after the only true hero?


Jail said...

Tristan, is one of my heros. Your right Rachael. your kids are incredible, and tell Tristans dad that he is also an incredible witness of how a father should be an example to his son.