Tuesday, January 17, 2006

journaling frenzy

This past weekend, God has moved so much! I feel so unorganized because there are so many things He revealed in me and I haven't been able to write it down properly. I wanted to remember the thoughts and reactions i had to each encounter. I did journal in my Peru journal, but haven't been able to share it on my blog. I have some people to talk to before i do type down the decisions God gave to me. Just know that this time of fasting and prayer has put me on a different level with God. I can't explain all of the things He's done just in the short time of a week! I am hoping that I have the time to share soon. This week is going to be extremely busy. I know i didn't have to work yesterday, but chores and reports really add up. I have to finish my reading project tonight for class and complete my grading that i should have done over the weekend. TOmorrow i have church and won't be home until later. Thursday i have small group and friday there is a play i'm going to attend with ANnie. Saturday I'm going up to Jax early to look around with Jen and then off to our Peru meeting #3 and then late nite. Sunday i am working in kids service, then big service, then its monday again! January is a LONG, LONG month! Our next day off isn't until February 20th for presidents day! February is going to be a great month though...alright, now i'm just rambling. I have a million things to do! I'm out