Friday, January 13, 2006

so i'm retarded....

so my 21 day fast has opened my eyes to so many things....God has truly been working in my life. Maybe is always been working, but when I've taken away things that i normally take advantage of, i'm totally aware of God's blessings. so as i said in my previous post, wednesday was amazing. i asked the class if i seemed short tempered, or less patient (and i was thinking they would totally say, no way...because i thought i was so calm)and even my best behaved kids said, "ehhh something was definately up with you miss y.." WHAT! NO IT WASN"T!!!! LOL i was totally humbled...they knew, they noticed!!!!! They sensed that something was different, and i didn't think they could. I then proceeded to ask them if i was impatient when i would ask them to do something over and over and they chose not to listen, and they said yes, we weren't very wel behaved. so i felt a little better, but DANG! I'm so retarded... i know i'm growing, (my theme for my Peru trip) but wow, i was so thankful God had it on my heart to ask them. It really helps with reflecting. Its helped with my listening, another goal i'm working towards. but yeah, GOD, thanks so much for the little things i tend to overlook. Those are the things that are keeping me strong during this time of withdrawl and learning.