Saturday, February 18, 2006

Acts 14:22

"We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of god"
this scripture meant something so different to me in the very beginning of my walk. yes, it was pertaining to satan's attack...but more to the measure of messing up and going back or looking back and not thinking i was worthy of salvation. what it has really come back to me about now is the ongoing battle between good and evil and how freaking HELL wants me. God and his angels are fighting so hard for me and i know this with the blessings i receive everyday..i mean i have been given so much, but dang, satan, u suck. bc just when i am given a blessing, and totally brag on God, and how he's given me so much, the devil puts something new on my plate to tick me off beyond means. and its usually financially, but now its everything. its self image, its worth, its relationships, work, peru, this condo....GOD I'M BRAGGING FOR U!!! I WANT U TO BLESS ME SO I CAN TOTALLY GIVE U A SHOUT OUT! i know u want me in jax god and nothing is going to stop me, but please, please, please give me the strength to fight off these freaking demons...i've become so aware of what's really going on since i opened up john eldridge's book, waking the dead. man, we are in battle, i know, but i didn't know how deep it was, until now, until hell got my name and is freaking rippin me up...ican't imagine what its going to be like during and after peru. i just pray lord in jesus' name u surround me with your angels and cast away all demons. i need a mental break from this spiritual warfare. i lay it all out for u to take care of because i can't do it. i have scripture hanging in random sports in my room, and usually i can relate at least one of them to what i'm experiencing, but this time, i went straight to acts 14:22. harships alright, that's for sure. i just pray the devil knows that there is no way he can get me...not even close. so don't waste your time, ya know? lord i just ask that you take care of this condo situation lord, the finances of it, and most definately the roommate situation....and lord, keep me near to you...use me for good lord...cast away all the demons of doubt and your name lord...


Brittany said...

A spiritual battle. Our circumstances are just that: circumstances. But we, as Christians, can see beyond the material to true and ultimate reality: God here with us, experiencing his promises and knowing he will not leave us, forsake us. He knows our every need and desire. I am so glad you can see what's going on, because that is how you fight. Know who your enemy is. God uses every situation to draw us closer to his love, to learn to depend on him more, and cast away the world's priorities and expectations. You are awesome. And you you are beautiful