Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is Respect Love?

Are they the same thing? Can one exist without the other? Each day I ponder over if I am growing in the area of giving respect. I journal my thoughts, read God's word or other resources, pray, and observe others-watching and taking as much as i can about it. There are people at my job whom I am supposed to respect-but everything in me wants to plug my ears when I hear them talk. Then, i think about the people that I love, but have hurt at times due to selfish can i truly love them if i have disrespected them?
It's so crazy how Jesus could love AND respect ANYONE! Even the Pharises. He tells us that we need to reflect Him in everything we do. I have been trying to teach that to my kids in class, how we need to respect everyone, even if they don't respect us. I teach English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and they get picked on all the time. They come to me crying sometimes about their feelings getting hurt and how they are afaid to speak up in class when they are put in classes with regular ed children......that's when it hit me. My flesh won't cringe every time i have to listen to one of my co-workers. I am different from them, just like my ESOL kids are different from the regular ed kids. They can speak 2 to 3 languages, have been to different countries and score just as high of grades if not higher than the regular ed kids! The regular ed kids need love from them! If we change our perspective from "Poor me" to "UNITY" then it is way easier. If i look at my senerio at work and say to myself, "wow, i am happy, they need happiness" it sparks me up.
Jesus, it all goes back to him. That's how i believe he would think. "They NEED......." whatever the case. That's how he could love them, and in turn, noticing the differences in eachother and wanting to serve a need brings respect into it. With the people that i do truly love in my life, who have reached a level of friendship that is far from the rest-i need to keep learning about them, i need to stay willing at getting to know them even better.
God wants us to stay eager for eachother the way he is eager about all of us! We are fearfully and beautifully made! Fearfully doens't mean we need to stay away because we don't understand-we need to explore eachother. We are made in the reflection of God, that includes His mind. He loves our differences! We need to honor our differences and come to the realization that we may actually learn or become a better person if we take the time to love on His creations.