Tuesday, April 10, 2007

who's plans?

So, we're not going to make it to Africa this year. Its not that I am not believing God for it to happen, not at all...he's just set our (Gary and my) priorities straight....priorities are commitments...
The condo that Jen and I bought last year when we moved from Saint Augustine (to be closer to church!!!) has had on going problems. a month after we bought it we were told we owed thousands of dollars in assessments. We still believed God we were supposed to be in this condo, so we sought out people to bring in and help. One roommate needed a free place to stay for a few months so we let her and then she promised us she would pay rent for at least a year since she had a whole summer to save up. A few months of paying rent...she gave us a few days notice saying she was
moving out. Another roommate we let her stay there for like 100 bucks because her parents were moving and she needed a place to stay....she watched us go through what happened with roommate number one. what happened? she started dating a guy for a few months....and now she's engaged and is getting married in june. She wants to move out and move into his house to save money while he lives with his parents. we just got a notice that we owe another suprise assessment for 3,000....
jen and i are both teachers. the school year is getting pushed back 2 weeks in august (that means we won't get paid for 2 weeks). I had money saved to pay for those two weeks. where is is going? the assessment.
God i know you are in this. i know money is nothing to you. i refuse to let this hold me down and distort your vision for my life. satan is all over missions. he doesn't want them to happen. Lord you've shown up throughout these past couple years of growing and learning. lord, we need your help. Lord, remind us that you are all we need. we don't need to go on missions trips. I know lord that if you want me there you will make it happen. i know that all this financial mess you will clean up. you have instilled in me a vision for my life. it includes service and love and that's all i want to remember. so once again, i rebuke the evil thoughts and selfish ways of this world and turn to you to take it all. we did the right thing to move up there, we will continue to learn from this experience. just stay near god. these are your plans, help me to live them out the best i can.