Monday, April 09, 2007

Supernatural Peace

The first time i heard the word "supernatural" outside of scary movies, was when one of my close friends, Debbie, prayed for "supernatural sleep" after a long enduring flight from the US to tarapoto, Peru. After the prayer i was like, "whooa, do i want that?" It wasn't until the last day did i realize what she was actually praying for. The kind of sleep that only God can give us. That we do serve a God that is unlike anything human. That he can go above and beyond what we can ever imagine. How is that scary?
this weekend at celebration church can be summed up in one word- SUPERNATURAL. God's grace was ALLLLLL OVER the place. People who had never been to church, people who have gone to church their whole lives (and hated it), and people who had never met God all joined together under the roof of Celebration. it didn't matter if they didn't have a seat in the sanctuary or annex. When Pastor called people to stand up and dedicate their lives to Christ, they were standing up EVERYWHERE! Man couldn't have made that happen. We are so blessed to have Pastor Stovall and his staff working and serving so hard for us. Those were God's words this weekend. I was there for all 4 of the services (in the annex watching from the screen, but still listening!!) Each time God spoke to the crowd in a different way. That supernaturalness only comes if we as a body continue to pray for our leaders and pray to continue to pass on the vision of our church. It is all about winning souls. If you left this weekend saying to yourself, "man i already know that, this message wasn't for me" maybe you should start serving. I used to think that i had to get fed by going and sitting through a sermon. NO WAY. I'm not saying i am above listening to the message because i am totally not. I still listen to the cds in my car. BUT SERVING. Being able to witness all of God's making. Making myself available to others. Standing when someone else needs a seat. Grabbing water to make sure their experience is full of love and security. God is blessing everything down to the water bottles being handed out at our church. I want all over that. That is when His supernatural powers come out in us.
Stovall in January talked about gaining the POWER of God. Well, it was right there for me this weekend. It didn't matter if i was going on 4 hours of sleep. It didn't matter if i was carrying 10 chairs out of the annex and passing 4 men before one of them offered to help (Hahahah). I was given the opportunity to serve in His house. The bible says that he will answer the desires of your heart. But is also says when our ways become his ways. I am experiencing that right now. Jesus would have been on his hands and knees cleaning toliets the day before an Easter service. He had to display that he didn't even consider himself worthy (even though he was-he wanted us to have that attitude). I can't believe that he would even let me experience something like that.
After the services, that's when it came. Gary and I walked out of the annex and felt it. that supernatural peace. It was done (but we knew it was only the beginning-PRAISE GOD). We walked out of there knowing we did everything we could for His glory. Peace that only comes from the work of a supernatural God. I can't wait until next weekend.
ohhh, by the way, God doesn't end a great weekend without rewarding his servants....God brought one of the girls in my class and her mom to our church to see the watotos!! She is now asking me about Shine, Spanish services and youth. PRAISE GOD.