Wednesday, May 09, 2007

SHINE 2007!

What an amazing weekend! Shine is always the time where my mom and I get time to grow closer. We used to be so incredibly close (sometimes i think it was too much, now that i look back) and really have inched away over the past two years. The Shine conference was something i took a risk in asking my mom to come. She goes to church, but, well, lets just leave it at that. When Gary and I go and visit, we fall asleep in service! So she was hesitant to come, she thought i was asking her to come because i thought she needed to love jesus more or something. anyways, last year she ended up loving it so much! She kept telling me throughout the year when i would be down, "just allow God to make you SHINE rae". it was awesome how much strength she took in listening to the women speakers. Chistine Caine, Priscilla Shrier, and our own Keri Weems! my mom loved it so much last year that she invited her best friend who lives in ohio to come with her. next year she's been encouraged to invite all of her six sisters who all live up north. that can only be God! it makes me think....i need to get on the ball for who i want to invite!!!
The thing that i really loved about Shine 2007 was when Pastor Stovall preached. ( i wish they could put it online so i could link you there) it was my favorite message of all time. He spoke on the church needing women in leadership. how men need us to be complete. i know it was prophetic because so many women (including me) at our church hear that whisper from satan saying, "you won't be able to help him, he won't listen, your voice or service really doesn't help, just stay quiet and keep doing what you are doing". when my heart screams, "I know he needs me, i know the church needs me, but where do i start?" anyways, it made me want to call my dad, brother and boyfriend up to encourage them, to tell them how much i appreciate and love them, that their hearts are so being used for God! anyways, i loved shine, i'm so blessed to have celebration church, incredible leadership, and a life of JOY! here is my biggest joy, next to man, the one who has such an incredible heart to serve our God.