Sunday, June 03, 2007

righteous anger

last weekend our church had a guest pastor come a visit to speak to our congregation. pastor john sebling spoke on the two types of anger. righteous was the first (being angry with the intentions of furthering His kingdom-made at reasons why the world isn't a better place) and two, sinful anger (the inward "only worry about myself" kind). well, the further i grow in my relationship with God, the clearer it is to see more righteous anger. i am real angry right now. i'm angry when i go to the town center, the beach, the GROCERY STORE. women are under a trance. do you realize what you are doing to our men? should i say, "rachael, do you realize what you do to our men?" God says we will all have to answer for our sinful behavior when we enter heaven. yes He has forgiven us....but we still have to answer for it. GIRLS!!! You make men struggle. YOU HAVE IT ALL BACKWARDS! the less you wear-is not the better! the shorter or more see through is not good! those of you who have boyfriends-they are struggling. those of you who have fathers! brothers!! they are struggling. They are trying to love the women in their lives and are constantly disturbed because of what we are wearing! i know it sounds like i don't know what i'm talking about. but try to see it from their side. try to not figure it out (god made them that way-and the good ones, the ones who seek god with all their heart and soul). they want to love us with all they have, but they are constantly watching out for it so they can be prepared to look down. why are we like this women? do you like being lusted over? do you like being the center or attention with your low cut top or butt tight jeans? you think those clothes or following this culture is going to score you a man who loves you for you? why are we trying to be sexy? why can't we be confident in who we are without pushing sexy? what about purity? what about honor? what about respect? guys who know jesus struggle with it and try to tame it-but think about the others who don't know right from wrong? they are staring at you. they see it without you showing it off. don't get mad at them. i truly believe god will have us answer to it. if you don't believe me, truly pray that god shows you. please, you will see. and you will feel so violated. your boyfriend will show you by the more protective he acts towards you. or maybe you will feel it by the wall he puts up sometimes. or the reaction he doesn't give you that you want after you buy a really cute top that just almost shows some skin, but not really. he won't give u the reaction you want, maybe initially, but then he'll see the others notice it too. anger will set in, and there he is, a slave, back in chains. they will get set free from this the more we show that we support purity. that is more attractive to them than anything. trust me, i thought it stopped at bikinis. i love bikinis. i love wearing them. i get the best tan. it shows off the stomach i worked so hard this winter for. the layered tank tops? did you know they make the tank tops (even the ones for the bottom layer) 2 inches shorter than a few years ago? i compared a new top from an old one. satan is all over sex...relationships and men and women together is the greatest thing god gave us-besides our salvation! satan is all over it, and it is so easy. we are a babylon in the making. wake up women! don't get defensive or think of excuses to justify that you aren't one of us that does it. we all do. we were created to show beauty not be women, not men....and to be helpers, not temptresses. which one are you?