Monday, September 24, 2007's almost here! Saturday is approaching and my mind is going in every direction. I can't believe that God invented something so great for two people to share. We haven't even gotten married yet, but the spiritual stickiness is loading on thick! Each day i see Gary more and more like Jesus sees him. Each day i see a brighter light around him. I've been doing a 30 day online devotional for the past week or so and it's helped so much in my prayer life for him. i think god sent down a blanket of peace during this time for us. He knows how hard times have been for us, the growing, the submitting (we are both very stubborn!), and just communicating. even when i get real frustrated, i would never trade it in for anything!
today at school, God showed me the importance of not answering for him. He showed me in Job, when Job goes to his friends for comfort and they tell him what God's doing. They end up being totally wrong. well, it spoke to me because there are so many times i want to tell someone, this didn't work out because...this job thing will happen when, a man will come in our live when...
but it's ok to say, "listen, i dont' know why this happened, i don't know what is going on, but god loves you and he has bigger plans for you." obviously depending on the situation, but basically, we can't give those answers because we aren't God. if we answer for Him, that could possibly stop that person from seeking His wisdom, because I gave them when i thought God was doing. it could also put them in the habit of relying on man and not god. thinking back, when i sought wisdom from Godly counsel, they didn't tell me what they thought god was doing....they just encouraged me to look at the bigger picture and not to get self focused, but to get God focused!
anyways, i know as a woman, i want to put in my two cents because I want to be the one who helps that person, but i'm helping them by reminding them who's love really matters.