Friday, December 14, 2007

you are everywhere God. Today is the last day before Christmas break. Yes I said Christmas Break, not holiday break. My students, well, about 7 of them are very limited English speakers. The other 5 have been here at least 2 years. Everyday this week, Jesus has just shown me even more that language won't keep him from loving people and bringing them to Him.
I've recieved pictures from one of my boys from Burma of Jesus on the Cross, and in English written, "God is love".
A card saying in their handwriting, "Jesus loves you".
We're reading the chapter book, "The best Christmas Pagent Ever" It's about a family of kids (who are also the bullies of the school) who somehow are led to go to church (they heard they get snacks if they go to Sunday school) and end up all being the main parts in the Christmas Story pagent. Well the catch is, they've never heard of the Christmas Story and heard it for the first time. Instead of doing it the way the bible says, they wanted to change it by killing Herod! can you imagine hearing the Christmas Story for the first time? Can you imagine? Well, it's the first time some of my kids are hearing it too. The great thing about the book is that the author never really tells you the outcome of the Christmas story until Christmas Eve when the whole church sees it (everyone in town showed up after hearing the family of bullies are staring this year). the kids in my class are on the edge of their seats to see how Jesus is either protected or killed by king herod. It's so crazy....i want to tell them, but throughout the week, they are soooooo loving and talking about baby jesus. Pray they get to know him as the Son of God. GO Jesus!!! We know you win!!!