Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Day One

"Wisdom is radiant and unfading, and she is easily discerned by those who love her, and is found by those who seek her." Song of Songs 6:12

How wonderful is it that our Lord, the maker of all things beautiful, calls wisdom, "her". Wasn't Eve the one who was "tricked" into eating of the Tree of Knowledge? We were the first people to seperate ourselves from Him....Why does he love us so much extra? Why are all these beautiful words about us?

Our influence. God saw how much we effected our men. God saw how beautiful he made us that we could do a world of good, or bring it to destruction. He wants us to believe his Word. It is so important we do not lose our power to influence because we forget why it was given to us. We are not given wisdom and knowledge to out smart God (justify our actions, give reasons why, or to push blame on others). We were given wisdom and knowledge to live life backwards from the world. To love when it tells us to hate, to give when it tells us to take, to bite our tongues when it tells us to defend....

God doesn't want our influence-he has more power and might to do anything....Satan wants our influence because he was stripped of his own. He wants us to believe we are not perfect the way God made us, that our gifts are not real, that we are too good to nurture and heal. Our battle is not to necessarily attack with our muscles, but with our choices (in our thoughts, actions, and words).

Satan wants us because of our influence because he's ultimately after our men, to destroy the head. The only way in most cases? Through us. Satan can destroy my husband through me, my boys in class through me, and by the way i conduct myself with all the youn girls in my life-because they will grow up into what influences them, then all the men in their lives can be destroyed.

Choices....everything we do can effect someone else. How awesome is it that God loves us so much to give us this responsibility. He did it because He believes in us, he loves us...He thinks we are radiant and unfading!!!!!!