Friday, January 04, 2008

Zechariah 4:10

I am afraid of beginning
Because I don't know how to end
But You told me
That the mountain before us would become a plain in our eyes
So i won't despise the day of small things....

I am afriad of believing
The plans that we made, seem so big
But you have SHOWN me
That we're never alone and your Spirit will stay by our side
So I don't despise the day of small things....
Alli Rogers

As this fast appoaches i start to get overwhelmed with the big picture. it's funny, in trials, God wants us to focus on the big picture....i start to question myself, can i do this....? will i catch everything God wants me to during this time? Will i be able to commit to this fast? Will i always choose you God...? I am afraid of beginning....
But then, His Spirit, that lives in me says, "you've committed your life to me, a life set apart, and you can do this with me" Then i remember from a while back my dreams i know he gave me. In Heaven, entering the gates, as the herd of people almost trample on me, people i know haven't followed God the way i have....then, his hand picks me up out of the crowd-and i enter a different way.
I don't know what you are going through today, or this week....but just stay fixed on him. There is such a difference. Not you and Him. But just Him. When I do this, I can't love what he hates, or do what he looks down on. I can't see myself the way others do-only the way he does....
Don't be afraid of believing...He's SHOWN you all you need. He's shown you you are never alone.
His voice sounds small-but when it enters your spirit-it feels so big. let Him romance you. Hold on, wait, these small things lead to what lies ahead. Don't enter the gates with the crowd, the way every other "Christian" does...
Be unshaken....confident....assured that you serve the most High God. The one who humbles by his love. Strips pride with his touch. Delivers you from the Lion's den. Justifies and defends for you.