Thursday, January 03, 2008


This new year has been a great opportunity for Gary and I to share our hopes and goals. It's always so easy to come up with things we would like to do, but how often are those commitments met? This year, I don't want to let the force of gravity pull me down out of my commitments to God. There is a Shawn McDonald song called Gravity. I heard it this morning and it reminded me of Daniel.
The ways of this world are grabbing a hold
Won't let me go, won't let me fly by
It takes it's toll down on my soul
‘Cause I know what I need in my life
Don't let me lose my sight of You
Don't let me lose my sight
I don't want to fall away from You
Gravity is pulling me on down
I don't want to fall away from You
Gravity is pulling me to the ground
This world keeps making me cry
But I'm going to try, going to try to fly, going to fly high
Don't want to give into the sin, want to stay in You ‘til the end

Don't want to lose my sight of You
Don't want to lose my sight
I want to fly
Into the sky
Turn my back on this old world
Leave it all behind
This place is not my home
It's got nothing for me
Only leaves me emptiness
And tears in my eyes

I let gravity pull me down sometimes. I make a commitment to read my Bible or spend a certain amount of time with God just to honor and love him and I let the ways of the world (being busy, giving into lies in my mind, worldly comforts) draw me away from my Daddy. When i get distant, then i start to break down.
Daniel is such a great example of an unshakable man. In every circumstance he solely relied on God and his mystery. He didn't know why God gave him the power to interpret dreams or have favor with the Lord. He didn't waste time wondering why God chose his people to die in exile under the Babylonians. He lost his whole family and was forced to serve under a king who didn't respect his God, his way of life. They even gave him a different name. Well, the world gives me a different name, the world sees me different. "Rachael, you have made too many mistakes, you're too emotional, you need to look like this, weigh this much, have this job, make this amount of money, drive this car, Africa? What? They can take care of themselves...there's no hope in the youth, they're already messed up. why try?" It sounds ridiculous to ever type those lies!!! Why should i give in to such a world as this? I do that and I'm saying, but God, i believe them over you. Well, God, Satan is just louder, so he wins.
I don't want to just be any kind of Christian. I don't want to get so close and then choose to eat of the king's royal food just because everyone else does and it's "supposed" to make you better. I want to be set apart. Daniel was chosen, I believe, because he chose the life of being set apart. He first had to take that step, and then with every trial, he kept chosing to do the opposite of what the world did. In order to keep our commitments, we continually have to choose God's ways over our own. We have to humble ourselves and say, "Lord, I must remember that i know nothing in this area the way you do" and each time it will get better. Each time God will give us a little more wisdom, understanding, and knowledge (Daniel 1:17). When the times comes to be thrown into the pit, we'll be ready to say, "My God will save me, and if that is not His will, i'm better off because heaven is waiting". "This place is not my home, it's got nothing for me, it only leaves me with emptiness, and tears in my eyes".
God, grow me closer with you, help me keep my commitments to you, help me to always see the eternal picture. Lord you are such an amazing, loving, and merciful God. Your truth is always louder, always brings light to any amount of darkness. Help me to be unshakable. Help me to see the Rachael you indended me to be. Humble, striped of pride, able to submit, loving to even the most unlovely, and hated by Satan because my insides are so beautiful. Help all of us to see these things within ourselves. Help all of us to be so confident you can use us to build up our leaders in our lives, encourage those around us. Give worth to the lost and hurting. Turn the "world" upside down to see your ways!