Friday, March 07, 2008

Hitting Baton Rouge...

We're headed to Healing Place Church this weekend! We're leaving today around 2:30 to drive straight through to Baton Rouge. I haven't been to LA since I was 16. The last time i went was to New Orleans for volleyball nationals. I hated New Orleans, it was sooooo dirty (pre Katrina). I hear Baton Rouge is awesome! I'm totally pumped!
Pastor Mike asked Gary if we wanted to tag along with him to see all that Healing Place is doing through missions. Healing Place is part of the ARC. ARC is the association of related churches, a group of pastors who get together and plant churches all over the united states and the WORLD! It's a great organization that truly believes in the power of the local church.
I heard we are going to be able to hang with Jean and Dave Ohlerking (the founders of Children's Cup! I met Jean last year at SHINE and I was just drawn to her. Their mission in life was to heal the world. They've dedicated their lives to the Great Commission and in turn God has blessed them with children who are doing the same thing, carrying on the legacy!!! Gary and I pray for that through our future family line as well! Who wouldn't!!
Needless to say we are so pumped to gain fresh ideas and to be surrounded with people who have the same vision as we do!!! People who speak our language!!!
I also wanted to include this link to an article about one of my student's family from Burundi, Africa-if you are easily moved, grab the tissues!


sammie said...

H-E-L-L-O!!!!Its 7:02 AM on Tuesday and I know your home, what was it like??????