Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I can't tell you how "on" our pastors have been since the fast. Or maybe we (the body) just has been more alligned with Jesus than ever before. At first I thought it was just me. But then, I talk to so and so, or this person, or that person. Everyone I talk to has been challenged to grow-and aren't resisting or making excuses not to do it. Pastor Stovall and Kerri have always submitted to the authority of Jesus, always preached and led according to what He wants....i'm telling you, even their blogs are right on!!!
Are we maturing as a body?
Is God bringing our church up to the next level!?
He always has been, don't misunderstand, but man instead of taking the fire exit stairs, we're shooting up the elevator! I feel it all around.
It's like i see little Christs everywhere reflecting His image.
My job, social life, marriage-everything is getting sweeter and sweeter.
I see why God uses seasons when he talks about our walk with Him. We as humans don't control the weather, when summer hits, or even up north-the miserably cold winter. Same with God. We can't control what we go through, but we can control how we handle it. What we do with it. It's an attitude thing. Submitting is an attitude thing, worship is an attitude, serving is an attitude. If we aren't intentional about our attitude, we won't do these things the way God has made us to do them.
It's definitely His grace, but I have seen a change in my life. How i handle things. How i ignite conversation or concerns to Gary, how i respond to things expected. I see a difference in him too.
i just remember, thinking back, man how can i get through this? it was a hard season. I was not in control of when it was going to end, because it wasn't about me. it may not even be over, this may just be a break-but LORD have i learned. Bad circumstances are there to teach you something. They teach you how to get closer and stay closer to God. I LOVE IT!!!


Vicki Fourie said...

It is so great to see another young woman passionate for God and His people!

I would love to hear your opinions on my writings that has been published, and those that are yet to come.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Gail said...

Hey Rachael, Girl I see it too! It's the body of Christ and God is working is grace in and all around. After the fast in January, there was one MAJOR thought on my mind, well many, but let's say TWO: It's not about me! What God is putting me through, the stretching and growing, it's not about me! It's about HIM and what I can do for the family I've been given and for the season that we are in. The other big thing kind of goes along with the Nike slogan, "Just do it!" Well, instead of complaining, wishing for another way to get around something at home, work, or now even's about attitude. If it's inevitable, just do complaining, no wishing for another way...accept it and get over it! Can I just say that those two things are huge, especially in the Body of Christ! We're going to go through the fire-good or bad, and well, as a church and I see it already happening to so many i love and know, it's time to get up, get out, and "JUST DO IT!" (and a smile along the way helps a little too!)

Love you girl!

sammie said...

OK, here is a Mooreian comment(Beth Moore):The essence of worship is focus. Whatever has our focus is our object of worship, and if thats not God "its idolatry!" Think about that one through the day.

Rachael said...

Vicki-your blog was awesome! so do you live in south africa now? we're going to swaziland at the end of march!

Gail-don't you just LOVE CELEBRATION!!!???? I think we went through a season as a church just waiting for god to tell us our calling for serving-and you are right, He's just been saying JUST DO IT!!!! in everything we do!!! and yes, it's an attitude thing!!! we're not special if we go through something easy, he really looks at us as someone SET APART, when we are doing something that is hard when the circumstance is hard!!!!