Friday, April 11, 2008


Two close friends of ours had a baby girl in February. We were all so excited for them because they had been having trouble before getting pregnant again. They make amazing babies by the way...their son Ayden is the koolest kid I've ever met. Josh and Becca have been more than a blessing to Gary and I. Their hearts are so after God, and their faith is what i look at when I start focusing on myself. Their daughter has been in the hospital since she was born. Every test, tube, and doctor has looked at her. Each diagnosis is another battle for their family. every question has been asked, and still there hasn't been a direct answer of reassurance. When I looked at her slide show of pictures, tears formed in my eyes. Becca and Josh have such peace. God has a TON of characteristics he likes to show up in people, and for the Turners He loves to bring miracles! God is up to something, something bigger than us and our worldly understanding. The Turner's have helped me realize something so simple about God.
WE HAVE TO REACH FOR HIM. WE HAVE TO SEEK HIM WITH ALL OUR HEARTS EVERYDAY! We can't waste time on looking at what we aren't, or questioning our circumstances. We have to be so confident in our relationship with Jesus, that NOTHING can shake us. Not death, nor sickness, NOTHING. Becca and Josh have really displayed this faith in Jesus to me. Riley, God's got you. Muscular dystrophy is nothing he can't dissolve. If you need a good heart check, read their's an incredible testimony of faith.

Reach-Warren Barfield

Beautiful Love, You have changed my world
It's so much better now
I don't know what You see in me
But I'm glad that You found

Worth loving oh

I reach for You
I reach for You
I reach for You
You reach for me, too

You reach for me, too
You reach me

You are more than I can take
So all of You I receive
I cannot go to where You are
So You take me

Beyond these
Dreams I dream

I can't live without You
I don't wanna be without You
No I can't live without You
I am never without You