Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Your Movement...

This past week has been insaine. Shine, let me tell you was awesome! Like I said my mother came in town. This is our 3rd Shine together. We sat down the 1st night and she said to me, "Rae, I see how much I've changed since the first one. I'm open to what God has to say, and I feel a change in my heart". That was the open door for me to decide right then and there that next year I'm definitely serving. My mom has plans for her sisters to come down from Ohio and join her. She said it would be okay with her that I serve-she actually pushed it. I think the greatest gift is when you can truly mean what my mom said there at Shine. Look back and see how much God's changed you from before. It really motivated me to push stronger with God. The messages were incredible, the entertainment was top notch, but man, the Holy Spirit's freedom to reign in that place beat it all. He was moving hearts like never before. All I could do in worship was tear up about how blessed we are to have such incredible leadership at Celebration. Pastor Stovall and Kerri truly hear from God-they only do what He I see the congregation only doing the same!
Gary and I are completely moved into the town home now. We have the downstairs painted, beds moved in and GROCERIES!!!! We cooked for the family (Lisa, tarik, Shane, Brenda, Yollie, Josh and Kika) on Sunday for the first time in our own place. There is something so special being able to love on family in your own place. That's all Gary and I want to do. Be with family and love on them the way they've loved on us. We can't wait for Brenda and Lisa to have their babies!!!!!
That leads me to what Shine really got me to pray about. I think it was Kerri who asked, "What is your dream?" I thought about it for a few days, and couldn't really come up with an answer. Stressed out about that, I asked Gary what he dream was. For so long it was serving in Africa or on the mission field somewhere. Gary surprisingly couldn't answer either. But God, in all the prayer and questioning, always leads us back to family.....
We attended a Character Awards banquet with Big John and Rachel (Youth pastors for the St John's campus) for St. John's County. Almost every child gave thanks to Jesus. Gary had never witnessed anything like it before. He was sooooo moved by the importance of family and integrity in those kids' lives. Family....
So, I'm still praying about what God's dream is for me, what dream I need to shoot for....What's your dream? What is your movement?


big John said...

Yeah Girl! I was really moved to...especially when Judge Alexander spoke directly to the parents and students about how important it is to bring 'honor to your family name'. That really carried weight coming from the Juvenile offenders Judge. Great hangin w/ ya'll! Can't wait to see what God does in the future.

Gail said...

Rachael...girl, as the title of your previous post is "WHIRLWIND" that's how i could total wrap up Shine. I wanted SO bad to write about everything, but I couldn't...there's just no words to describe it.

About your mom!!!-THAT'S AWESOME! I know that i have never met her before, but I could see the change in her heart from the moment you introduced us! Serving was the most incredible experience and has been each year. God has taught me some valuable lessons in it all. I want more than anything for my mom to join me at Shine next year, but I also want to serve. So, what i am praying for is maybe that my sister will join her - win win, right? (we'll see what God works out, it's still a year away!) WOW...I want to cry for you thinking about that moment that you mom said those thoughts to you! I can picture the flutter of your heart in that moment! Praise JESUS!

Like I think i said in my blog, every word of my heart was spoken this weekend by Lisa Bevere. She poured my heart out for me. :-) The very annointed call that she spoke over so many, is what my dream has been. My calling was confirmed!

Family--God loves the family! And what a "foreign concept"-the importance of family and integrity! what a calling to have, to be a parent or even a child.

Love you girl! Can't wait to hand out!

OH YEAH--our pastors...they are awesome. i was so excited to see this side of Pastor Kerri...tell it like it is. That's what the church needs to hear! :0) Not to mention, Shine has finally found it's place and purpose!