Friday, June 20, 2008


You ever look at something and see what you want, only to realize that in reality it's completely not what you thought? But you're so comfortable with it, you keep pretending that it's the way you see it? You never really accept that a change needs to take place, or you hide behind your faith waiting for God to do it for you? I'm there...and my prayer is that I just want to be real. I want the strength to make the commitment to see this journey through. I want to dig myself a hole anytime I'm challenged to grow (unless I discover it on my own). My prayer is Lord, allow me to bear your spiritual fruit-that all these things i'm doing aren't just things. I want to make the right choice to be self controlled in my emotions, patient outside of myself, peaceful in Your perfect plan for me. I'm so tired of just doing and not moving up closer to you. Thank you for Careforce, that you for that challenge.
This morning i was a zombie. My hole was so deep I didn't care anymore. But for some reason I put in a Natalie Grant album (which is so not my style, so I thought-I have never really liked girl singers, except Allie Rogers). But every word reminded me that my situation is no different from anyone else trying to grow stronger and go further with God. If it's been really hard-then that just means that God wants me there more. Here's the song...

This is a song for anyone whose ever been
Knocked down and can't get back again
Stuck in the corner, and cant move foward
All alone and you think you're going nowhere
This is a song for anyone whos ever stood
Underneath the sun
And felt so small two feet tall and so out of place
He sees you- He knows you- He loves you
And he wants you to know that

The life you've been living the days that
You've been given
Were made for something Beautiful
Life- Dont let it pass you by
Because you were created for something Beautiful

Heaven holds a dream thats just for you
And there are things only you can do
So step By faith, put the past away
It'll take you to a better day

Second to Minute to hour to life
Time always seems to fly
It's on the go and before you know
Your days are through
But he sees you- He knows you- he loves you
And he wants you to know that


sammie said...

Yeh, its definately a fight till the end. Sometimes exhausting. I listened to Erwin McManus doing "Wind" Wow, have I thanked you lately for turning me on to Erwin? He made the statement about how when Jesus assended into heaven for good He told the disciples "its better that I go because you will do much greater things than I did here, because I will be inside you, working through you."Erwin made this profound statement about "why do we not care when the peace core has tons of people, or the aid foundation gets to record levels but when the church starts to get big everyone is saying watch out its a mega church." Listen to that talk.

Gail said...

HE absolutely wants you right where you are at-whether you want to be there or not. It's gonna hurt, and "feel" quite a bit lonely. But if we'd only look up and outside ourselves, we'll see we were never really alone.

Those were great lyrics. I'm with you on listening to female singers, but i actually listened to an allie rogers cd the other day, and the lyrics REALLY hit me...ALWAYS EDEN...listen to it. :)
Love ya, chic!