Friday, June 27, 2008

Remember that whole coffee thing?

So during our One Prayer series at church, our church as well as 1,500 plus churches decided to fast on Tuesdays. Last week Gary and I somehow didn't know it (we actually we led to fast on Monday-but anyway) until we showed up at Careforce and it was this week, i specifically heard God tell me to fast. When I heard it, I knew it wasn't supposed to be from food. He wanted the coffee thing, right then and there. Now, if you remember, I tried a couple of weeks ago on my own. I only lasted until 4 o'clock-and then the next day only until early was painful and I hated it. It was my first few days of summer, so I didn't even have work to deal with! I only drink 1-2 cups a day, so I was shocked by how hard it was!
So, back to Monday, I was sitting at work (yes I'm teaching summer school, remind me not to do it next year) and God was like, ok here's your chance to obey. So Tuesday I didn't have once sip....

NO headache, not tired-NOTHING!!!!!!!

Through out the day I felt a prompting to keep the ball rolling....

I am on day 4 of no caffeine! I feel great! I even had enough energy to run 3 miles each night after work! I couldn't believe it!
How did God do that?
Pastor Stovall used to always say, when you fast, really bring to God your prayers and draw close to Him. Don't just fast to fast basically. When I spent quiet time alone with Him-it wasn't to get anything, or believe him for anything-it was just my way of saying Thanks GOD. It felt so good to obey him. It feels better than any coffee craving I've ever answered.

And all day, I knew I wasn't doing it on my own.....