Friday, June 27, 2008


I have been influenced by two great women. Last night Gary and I had the opportunity to spend time with Victor and Ashley, our close friends who have an amazing passion for the people of the world. They were just married in May and recently returned from a MONTH long honeymoon to New Zealand, Australia, and Tahiti....I know what you are thinking!!!
Ashley said something last night that truly stuck in my head....
"Why isn't it cool to be happy or content or to have nothing to complain about?"
Think about it...everyone's a critic. I don't think there is an answer to that question as to why exactly, but then my Aunt Sandy encouraged me to write about what I'm thankful for.....she did it on her blog...and i like it.

This week....(not in order)
my general, just him-his encouragement, honesty and love.
hearing God's voice so quickly
definitely the coffee thing... (see post below)
having a peaceful week at home.
having a busy week of loving on people each night.
seeing my old college roommate sit next to me in church, and liking it....
summer school, not that i like it, but that it's a no brainer and full salary pay.
hopes and dreams that were shared.
a freedom of believing that God's plan is greater than man's.
choosing to not complicate God.
waking up each morning by kisses and smiles from Gary.
seeing Ashley and Victor, and the ability to be real with eachother...
Gary's boss George, who shows his love for us so much...
being in the world but not of with not being religious.
thinking of Colorado....
man, just freedom, did i say that already?


sammie said...

When I get anxious for a job I always think man God you feed me and keep me healthy and my kids. You put a roof over my head and give me wheels and money for gas, and I sit here worrying that I won't be able to keep it going when I didn't create the current money in the first place. He's totally shaking His head up there.