Sunday, October 16, 2005

Have you ever googled anyone?

Yeah so i was influenced by a friend from home to start googling people i knew. I was told that is what people do when they are bored (or are procrastinating grading a million papers). And because I had already did all my chores and for no reason what so ever put up white xmas lights all over the house, i figured i should take a little down time to google people. I started with myself first.....I was amazed at the stuff that came up. MY PROFESSOR in college, Dr. G, who was by the way a huge pain in my butt, had put up on her website one of my projects for her class! I hated her class but knew it was important (and now i see why it was, i'm teaching 10 ESOL kids this year). I can't believe she used my project on integrating sports into the spanish culture....puerto rican baseball baby. man i can't believe it.
i know saint leo was a small school and everyone who went there either loved it or hated it, but i'm glad i went. i'd probably be a 300 lb OU grad, or better yet, a buckeye like my brother :) no worries CJ u are normal, just keep telling yourself anyways, this just reinforces my reasoning behind loving saint leo....gotta stay true...who needs a football team anyways as long as you have volleyball?