Saturday, October 15, 2005


"I dreamed I went to heaven and you were there with me We walked upon the streets of gold beside the crystal sea We heard the angels singing and someone called your name You turned and saw this young man, and he was smiling as he came And he said "Friend, you may not know me now."And then he said "But wait. You used to teach my Sunday school when I was only eight And every week you would say a prayer before the class would start And one day when you said that prayer I asked Jesus in my heart." Chorus:Thank you for giving to the Lord I am a life that was changedThank you for giving to the lordI am so glad you gaveThen another man stood before you and said "Remember the time A missionary came to your church, his pictures made you cry? You didn't have much money but you gave it anywayJesus took the gift you gave and that's why I'm here today!" ChorusOne by one they came far as the eye could see Each life somehow touched by your generosity Little things that you had done sacrifices you made Unnoticed on the earth in heaven now proclaimed And I know up in heaven you're not supposed to cry But I am almost sure there were tears in your eyes As Jesus took your hand and you stood before the Lord He said "My child, look around you, for great is your reward."