Tuesday, November 08, 2005


My last few years of college and really up until this spring, i would go to bed sooooooooo early..i'm not kidding. it was like grandma style early. this past Sunday i went out to the water by my house and really got intouch with God. i felt distant from him and needed to clear my mind of all that was going on and just focus on him. well, i prayed that he would help me to let things go and take the feeling of me having to fix everything...and just let him take over. i tend to ask for that a lot :). well he answered my prayer right away....he brought me back to my devotions, my God time...the time i've been "not having time for" instead of putting the other stuff off, the stuff that doesn't matter as much. well, (you're wondering why i opened up with the whole sleep thing) during my time on Sunday, i fell alseep super 7:45 early :). It was the most restful sleep i've had in a long time.....then last night i fell alseep around 8. I've had the most restful week. I"ve also been very patient with my classes. I think God's telling me I need a little of Him and sleep to be the teacher that's in my heart. For those of you that think sleep and rest of over rated have not taught 10 year olds....anyways, if you have the time, get out a good helps you fall asleep...i'm on round two for Captivating...i really recommend it...the best book i ever read next to a love with giving. and wild at heart comes in a close third...but really, if you can get your hands on it, you will understand yourselves much better girls, and boys u will kinda understand us better. i know i don't make sense today...but you love me and its all gravy. tomorrow will better i promise