Sunday, December 04, 2005

Gratitude List

I was looking through Brittany's blog today and her gratitude list really caused me to think about all the things i'm greatful for. When good things happen, its easy to make lists...i'm praying that when things are rough and difficult for me, that i will want to make a gratitude list then...i'm really thankful now, so this may be a long list..(in no particular order)

1. patience
2. new perspectives
3. WWJD bracelettes
4. every girl i know named Jen, Jenny, or Jennifer
5. people asking if they can pray for u
6. the browns
7. holidays
8. homemade christmas presents
9. super spicey tuna rolls
10. cookie dough
11. kittens
12. memories
13. my bear "Sal"
14. the way my mom giggles
15. boldness
16. what if movies
17. half days of school just when you need one
18. Rosa Parks
19. future team teaching partner
20. mistakes
21. art walks
22. being tired and being able to take a nap
23. starting over
24. cold nachos heated up with soggy chips
25. laughing so hard my tum hurts along with sore cheeks
26. thinking about my whole family together someday
27. my dad's hugs
28. knowing i'm my mom's best friend
29. emails from super old friends
30. encouragement from people who believe in me
31. wanting to put my heart out
32. knowing i have the best friends ever
33. seeing growth in people and myself
34. always wanting to improve
35. turkish delight
36. knowing how to golf, and always WANTING to go out and practice
37. the "copy mom" at school
38. three paydays in december
39. gas being 2.05 in jacksonville
40. content in not know where God will take me next
41. reading Captivating 1,000 times
42. my bible study girls that pray for me
43. my awesome school
44. knowing all the powerpuff girls' names
45. being healthy (but loving sweets)
46. my new bible
47. craft stores
48. not allowing the stain glass lady to crash my dreams of one day being St. Augustine's #1 stain glass artist
49. the fire that each kid in my class possesses...and knowing i can start it
50. being happy


Brittany said...

I love you. Thank you for the simple reminders of what is good in life. I need that tonight. Sweet dreams.